The Air Liquide Foundation unveils its latest projects

April 29, 2015

Since its creation in 2008, the Air Liquide Foundation has been supporting research programs that focus on the Environment and Health/ Breathing, and has been contributing to local development by encouraging micro-initiatives in the regions worldwide where the Group is present. Today, there are 194 projects located in 42 countries, and more than 200 employees involved.

Since January 2014, 41 new projects have been approved in 20 countries. Among them, six new scientific research projects that fall within the scope of the Foundation’s efforts in the area of preserving the earth’s atmosphere and improving respiratory functioning.

For example, the Foundation has renewed its support for the explorer Ghislain Bardout and his second Under The Pole II Expedition in Greenland with an endowment of 120,000 euros over two years. The objectives of the expedition are twofold: to measure the amount of carbon dioxide trapped in the ocean depths in order to better assess the impact of this phenomenon on climate change, and to study human physiological response during deep sea dives in very cold water in order to issue safety recommendations to divers.

The Foundation has also decided to support a research project conducted at the Robert Debré hospital in Paris by INSERM1 and Paris Descartes University on a rare genetic disease known as Ondine’s syndrome. This syndrome is characterized by a significant decrease in breathing during sleep, which in some cases results in the total cessation of breathing. The goal of the research project is to develop a treatment that improves patients’ quality of life.

Within the scope of its contribution to local development, the Foundation has approved 35 micro-initiatives in 20 countries, in areas such as the integration of people with disabilities; the development of micro-entrepreneurship; social and professional rehabilitation; and access to energy, healthcare, education and training. The Foundation’s action is supported by Air Liquide employees, which today are more than 200 to sponsor these micro-initiatives.

Air Liquide also conducted another project between November 2014 and February 2015, which enabled shareholders who opted to receive an electronic invitation to the 2015 Air Liquide Annual General Meeting to support the Foundation and its work as follows: 1 euro donated to the Foundation for each e-consent. In all, 12,038 shareholders, including numerous Group employees, were able to express their support to the Foundation. The 12,038 euros collected will be used to support philanthropic initiatives that favor local communities.

Via these missions, the Air Liquide Foundation illustrates the Group’s commitment to fully embodying its role of responsible corporation whose action is long term.


1 French National Institute for Health and Medical Research