Technical partner of Jean-Louis Étienne

October 12, 2007

As part of his new expedition Total Pole Airship, Jean-Louis Étienne is going to measure, on board a dirigible airship inflated with helium, a specific piece of data of climate change: the thickness of the icecaps.

Air Liquide is a technical partner of Jean-Louis Étienne’s new adventure.

Thus, since the calibration campaign of the EM-Bird in April 2007, Aqua-Lung, a subsidiary of the Group which specialises in diving equipment, has provided equipment specifically adapted to dives in waters of -1.8°C. To deal with possible decompression accidents, Air Liquide Santé has provided medical oxygen which, if necessary, could have been used by the divers.

On 26th September 2007, Air Liquide filled up, at Marseille airport, the expedition’s airship with about 5,000 m³ of helium gas. Throughout the expedition, Air Liquide’s engineers will provide their expertise and their scientific proficiency to guarantee the control of the helium in the balloon: analyses, top ups, recycling, refills… Air Liquide will also secure an extra source of helium directly to the North Pole.

Air Liquide’s support of Jean-Louis Étienne’s expeditions is long term. Air Liquide has provided fuel cells and hydrogen for the production of clean and silent electricity, along with equipment for the comfort and safety of the divers for both the Mission Banquise (2002) and the Expédition Clipperton (2004). For the preservation of the samples collected on the Clipperton Island, Air Liquide delivered liquid nitrogen at -196°C to the middle of the ocean!

A long term partner of Jean-Louis Étienne’s expeditions, Air Liquide is proud to take part in this new adventure and thus to better understand the reasons behinds the climate changes we are experiencing today and to propose the necessary solutions.

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