Semicon Korea: innovations for the electronics industry

January 26, 2009

At the SEMICON Korea 2009, which was held on January 20 to 22, Air Liquide presented TORuS™, the first ruthenium precursor industrially produced and used, to its main electronics customers.

Resulting from the collaboration between the Air Liquide Group’s research teams and the Group’s customers, this advanced precursor makes possible very high quality ruthenium deposits while decreasing the cost of electronic components. In 2008, Air Liquide had already successfully launched ZyALD, an advanced zirconium precursor.

To make increasingly efficient electronic components, the semiconductor industry must constantly change the materials that comprise semiconductors. Ruthenium is notably used in manufacturing high-capacity hard drives, indispensable due to the growing amount of data to be saved, notably generated for the general public by the arrival of digital photos and videos.

To meet the needs of the ceaseless evolutions in the world of electronics, Air Liquide has continued to mobilize its resources in cutting-edge research to supply its electronics industry customers with the customized innovative solutions they need.

Air Liquide’s Electronics activity, which has 3,000 employees, recorded revenue of 944 million euros in 2007. Its sales were mostly ultra-pure gases, specialty gases, new molecules, equipment for the use of these products and customized services. To closely support the boom of the semiconductor, TFT-LCD screen and photovoltaic sectors in Asia, the Group has set up an Electronics Division in Tokyo.

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