Poland: two new air separation units commissioned

January 24, 2011

Poland is one of the largest economies in Central Europe. Its GDP expanded by 1.3 percent in the third quarter of 2010 alone. All industrial markets are enjoying high growth rates, and many of them, such as chemicals, metals, automotive and food, require increasing amounts of industrial gases. Consequently, Air Liquide has significantly strengthened its position in the Polish industrial gases market in 2010.

Today, Air Liquide announces the commissioning of two air separation units in Poland, both of the standardized YangO2 type, located in Zakłady Azotowe in Puławy. The new air separation units are the biggest liquid and gas source in Central and Eastern Poland, with an aggregate production capacity of around 1,700 tonnes per day. This investment is included in the €100 million overall investment in Poland announced in June 2010. The new facilities will meet the growing needs of existing customers and potential clients.

Together, Air Liquide’s air separation units, located in Dąbrowa Górnicza, Kraków and Puławy, represent today the largest production capacity in industrial gases in Poland.

Guy Salzgeber, Vice President North and Central Europe and a member of the Air Liquide Executive Committee, commented: “This successful commissioning further strengthens our growing position in Poland and illustrates the quality and performances of the standard YangO2 air separation units. With these new assets, Air Liquide intends to support even further the development of its customers and consolidate its leadership in Poland in the Large Industry market. Developing economies are one of the growth drivers of the Group.”

Air Liquide in Poland

Founded in 1995, Air Liquide Poland employs more than 300 people. Present in Poland’s major industrial regions, Air Liquide supplies a number of industries such as aeronautics, automotive, food & beverages, chemicals, defense, electronics, energy, metallurgy, mining and metal fabrication.

The YangO2 range of production units

Air Liquide standardizes its air separation units using medium-sized compact core modules that are easy to deliver across the world, and that are assembled differently depending on the desired production capacity. This standardized approach allows for a significant reduction in unit lead times and ensures competitive prices. YangO2 includes the Group's latest technological innovations.