Partner of the International Oxyfuel Combustion Conference in Australia on carbon capture technologies

September 9, 2011

Air Liquide is sponsoring the 2nd International Oxyfuel Combustion Conference (September 12 to 16) in Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia where the Group’s engineers will present the latest scientific results related to oxy-combustion technology in eight separate papers.

Air Liquide is involved in a number of projects designed to test and validate Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies throughout the world. In Australia, Air Liquide is partner of the Callide Oxyfuel project providing two Air Separation Units and a CO2 Cryogenic Purification Unit (CPU) for a 100 MWth boiler retrofitted to oxy-combustion technology.

In Europe, the Group has partnered with Total on the Lacq project (France) demonstrating CO2 capture, transportation and storage from a 30 MWth gas-fired boiler in a depleted natural gas field. Air Liquide supplies the Air Separation Unit, oxygen burners and CO2 dryers. Twenty months after start-up, the industrial feasibility of oxy-combustion as a carbon capture technology has been validated.

In 2011, Air Liquide signed a contract to provide the CO2 CPU for CIUDEN's Integrated CCS Technology Development Plant (TDP) located near Endesa's Compostilla power plant (Spain).

In North America where over 45% of generated power derives from coal-fired power plants, Air Liquide participates in a major oxy-combustion power plant project incorporating CO2 capture.

Oxy-combustion technology highly contributes to fight world carbon footprint. Thanks to its cost-efficient CO2 capture technologies, Air Liquide is well positioned to play a major role facing environmental challenges.

Air Liquide booth and presentations:

  • Plenary session
    1. Callide oxyfuel project engineering / commissioning experience
      Philippe Court - Technologies of the Future, CO2 project development manager
    2. Impurities management in an Oxy-Combustion Power Plant
      Jean-Pierre Tranier - Research & Development, Air separation and CO2 technologies program director
  • Technical session - Oxygen production and system integration
    1. ALIVE: Energy storage by ASU
      Richard Dubettier – Engineering & Construction, Energy and Environment unit director
  • Technical session - Demonstration and large scale pilot plant project
    1. Oxycombustion at Lacq CCS pilot plant: Preliminary analysis of burner-boiler performance
      Niomar Marcano – Research & Development, engineer – paper in collaboration with TOTAL R&D and TOTAL TEPF
    2. FutureGen 2.0: ASU and CPU design and integration
      Etienne Sturm – Engineering & Construction, Business development manager
      Frederick Lockwood – Engineering & Construction, CO2 proposals manager
  • Technical session - Risk assessment and plant operation
    1. Risk analysis of FORTUM’s 560MMWe net power plant retrofit to oxyfuel combustion
      Frederick Lockwood – Engineering & Construction, CO2 proposals manager – paper in collaboration with Hitachi
  • Technical session - Toward Commercialisation of Oxyfuel Technology
    1. 700 MWe oxycombustion reference plant performance and costs
      Paper in collaboration with B&W, USA
  • Technical session – Future Development Opportunities for Oxyfuel Combustion and discussion on CO2 Quality
    1. Development opportunities for future large scale lignite oxyfuel power plants
      Nicolas Perrin, Director Clean Power & CCS, Large Industries World Business Line - paper in collaboration with Vattenfall R&D AB, Sweden