New long term contract and major investments in Poland

July 1, 2008

Poland is one of the largest countries and economies in Central Europe, with all industrial markets enjoying high growth rates. Many of these markets, such as chemicals, metals, automotive and food, require increasing amounts of industrial gases. Today the majority of the industrial gas production in Poland, including Air Liquide’s existing production, is concentrated in the south. In this context, Air Liquide announces a global investment of approximately €100 million, which will expand Air Liquide’s geographical presence in Poland to meet the growing demands of the industrial gas market.

Air Liquide has just signed a new long-term contract with Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy S.A. (ZA Pulawy), a leading Polish company. ZA Pulawy is located in central eastern Poland, 125 kilometers from Warsaw and specializes in the production of nitrogen fertilizers, caprolactam and melamine. Air Liquide will build and operate two large Air Separation Units (ASUs) for ZA Pulawy. Together, the two ASUs will produce more than 1,200 tonnes of oxygen per day. The first ASU will be commissioned in early 2010. They will also produce large quantities of liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon to supply merchant gases to a variety of neighboring industries.

Pawel Jarczewski, CEO of ZA Pulawy, said: “I am pleased to have made the decision to select Air Liquide for ZA Pulawy’s first long term strategic partnership for the supply of industrial gases. The new ASUs are an important part of ZA Pulawy’s strategy and a key stage in expanding our “Oxygen– Ammonia – Urea” production line. Air Liquide is uniquely positioned to provide the most cost effective solution for our needs, and we are confident that its technological leadership will benefit us over the long term.”

Moreover, Air Liquide will make another important investment with a new liquefaction unit in northern Poland. This new Air Separation Unit will be built close to Gdansk. It will be the first of its kind in northern Poland and will produce 200 tonnes per day of liquid nitrogen and oxygen, also starting in 2010. This investment reinforces Air Liquide’s already strong industrial base in Poland and supports its customers’ growing demands for industrial gases in the northern region.

Guy Salzgeber, Vice-President European Industrial Operations and member of the Group’s Executive Committee, declared: “These investments in Poland allow us to support our customers’ growing demand in this dynamic area. They are part of the €10 billion investment program for the period 2007-2011 that the Group is implementing and they represent an important milestone to accelerate our growth in Central and Eastern Europe.”