Italy: Air Liquide supplies the gas to preserve fresh food for one of the largest European shopping centers

June 1, 2016

Air Liquide has been selected to supply ALIGAL™, its food-grade gas used for food processing and preservation, to the superstore “Iper, La grande i,” located in the new shopping center “Il Centro” in Arese, a district in the province of Milan, Italy.

The ALIGAL™ gas range allows for the modified atmosphere packaging of fresh food products and protects them from direct contact with air. The modified atmosphere packaging greatly extends the shelf life of products while maintaining their original organoleptic qualities and preserving their natural color and flavor.

This premium gas will be used for the packaging of white and red meat, fish and sausage. Air Liquide will also supply the carbon dioxide required for the production and the dispensing of draught craft beer produced at the superstore.

Air Liquide researches, produces and markets gases for food processing use to help improve product quality, and maintain food safety.

Air Liquide’s Industrial Merchant Business Line*

Air Liquide’s Industrial Merchant Business Line provides gas solutions to its customers, including industrial and specialty gases, application technologies and expertise, at every stage in their process. Across a multitude of industries, from multinational corporations to independent craftsmen, 20,000 people serve more than 1 million customers. In 2015, revenues were € 5,229 million.

ALIGAL™ is Air Liquide's range of premium gases for food and beverage processing. ALIGAL™ gases are designed to satisfy the demanding quality requirements of the food industry. The ALIGAL™ range ensures that a food safety management system is applied throughout all stages of the production process and supply chain.

*These data do not include Airgas, whose acquisition was completed on May 23, 2016.