Innovating to create a difference

November 24, 2008

Since 1902, Air Liquide has developed its activity based on the same business: industrial and medical gases. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, rare gases: the molecules haven’t changed.

Their uses, however, are limitless and it’s here that innovation makes a difference.

Innovating, for Air Liquide, means exploring the fantastic potential of all the applications of gases in the energy, environment, healthcare and high-tech sectors. Innovating enables Air Liquide to open new markets, grow its business by creating new solutions for its customers, fully playing its role vis-à-vis society.

Innovation at Air Liquide is talented men and women who know how to balance passion and rigor, expertise and creativity. By filing a new patent each day, they permit to Group to strengthen its technological lead and to keep its worldwide leadership position in its industry.

On November 24, 2008, Air Liquide rewarded its inventors, genuine actors of this innovation, within its Inventor Recognition Program, created over 10 years ago.

In the framework of this program, the innovations patented by the Group during the previous years are evaluated according to very specific criteria on the invention’s difficulty, its contribution to the Group’s growth, etc. The creators of major inventions were awarded their prize by Benoît Potier.