Healthcare: acquisition of Pacific Science in the U.S.

May 28, 2009

Air Liquide’s Healthcare business is pursuing its development in the United States with the acquisition of Pacific Science, Inc, a provider of cryobiology equipment and services to biobanks, based in Torrance, California. The transaction, effective May 1st, was made by Air Liquide Healthcare America Corporation, Air Liquide’s American Healthcare subsidiary.

Cryobiology is a promising area for Air Liquide. Across the world, Air Liquide helps ensure the quality and the operability of stored biological samples. North America represents more than 40% of this fast growing market, with its most dynamic markets located on the East and West coasts.

Pacific Science, Inc., a 15 people company, will complement Air Liquide’s offering to American hospitals, particularly on the West Coast. It is also a channel through which Air Liquide’s cryobiology solutions can be brought to the U.S. market. They include designs for biobanks, vacuum line installations, liquid nitrogen supply, freezing and storage capacity, global process monitoring and cell tracking.

Jean-Marc de Royere, Senior Vice-President in charge of Healthcare and a member of Air Liquide’s Executive Committee, said: “We are pleased to welcome Pacific Science into our Healthcare organization. We value the expertise they have developed as a dedicated services outfit. With this latest acquisition in the United States, we can bring biobanks the comprehensive offering that many expect.”