Germany: New hydrogen filling stations

May 26, 2010

Air Liquide presented its latest innovations in the field of hydrogen energy at the World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) in Essen (Germany) from 16th to 21st May.

Air Liquide, as a sponsor of WHEC, presented its entire range of hydrogen energy products, as well as the very latest generation of hydrogen filling stations. These stations make it possible to refuel large vehicles, buses for example, more quickly and in total safety.

One of these stations was used during the event to refuel the cars and buses on display. Nearly 1,500 visitors took part in the 18th edition of this conference.

Air Liquide develops all the technologies necessary for the hydrogen energy industry and contributes to rolling out hydrogen energy, in particular for transportation, where its use is expected to become widespread by 2015.

Air Liquide is behind many demonstration projects throughout the world, from Europe to Canada, and further afield.

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