Germany: Acquisition of a leader in home infusion therapy

September 21, 2011

Air Liquide, the European homecare leader, has announced the acquisition of Licher Medical Therapy (LMT), the German leader in medico-technical management of Parkinson’s disease and immunodeficient patients treated with infusion therapy at home.

Created in 2000, Licher takes care of 420 Parkinson’s disease patients on apomorphine pumps and 1,200 immunodeficient patients. It reached a turnover of €3.7 million in 2010. This company is known for its expertise in infusion therapy and its innovative spirit, demonstrated notably by its development of medical equipments (pumps) and specific consumables (catheters and syringes) designed to improve the response to patients’ needs.

To create a global offer in homecare for Parkinson’s disease patients, Air Liquide finalized an agreement for the distribution of apomorphine* in Germany and Austria, marketed under the brand name APO-go, with the manufacturer of this drug, the pharmaceutical company Britannia (STADA Group).

Home infusion therapy is already well developed by Air Liquide in France. With this acquisition, the Group strengthens its position as the leader in homecare in Germany beyond the respiratory line. Home infusion therapy in this country, which includes Parkinson’s disease and immunodeficiency management, is on the rise, as it is the case in the United States and France, which are reference markets in this field.

Pascal Vinet, Vice President, Healthcare World Business Line and member of the Group Executive Committee, declared: “We are delighted with this acquisition which allows us, beyond France, to become a major operator in Germany in the global home healthcare management of Parkinson’s disease and immunodeficient patients treated with infusion therapy. It demonstrates our development strategy in home healthcare and our commitment in the field of infusion therapy. Health is one of the Group’s growth drivers.”

*Apomorphine: Treatment of motor fluctuations in patients with Parkinson’s disease which are not sufficiently controlled by oral anti-Parkinson medication.

Air Liquide’s Healthcare Business

Air Liquide's Healthcare World Business Line serves over 6,000 hospitals and 600,000 patients throughout the world. It provides gases, hygiene products and medical equipment to its hospital customers and homecare to patients in cities.

With 8,500 employees, the Group’s Healthcare business made €1,937 million in revenues in 2010, 64% outside France.

Homecare in Germany

Through its subsidiary VitalAire, Air Liquide provides prescription care for patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses such as COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and sleep apnea. These homecare treatments are being developed in addition to hospital care, enabling patients to enjoy better quality of life and local authorities to reduce costs.

VitalAire is a leader in respiratory homecare in Germany with over 150,000 patients in 2010.