Further investment in Bulgaria

October 11, 2011

Bulgaria’s economy has registered steady growth in recent years that relies mostly on industry. Non-ferrous metallurgy is one of the fast growing industrial sectors in Bulgaria, making a strong contribution to the development of the country’s economy. The sector is expected to continue growing significantly in the future.

In this context, Air Liquide has just signed a new agreement with Aurubis. Under the terms of the 15-year contract, Air Liquide will supply additional quantities of oxygen to Aurubis as of 2013. Air Liquide will invest close to €10 million to expand its operations in Pirdop, 80 km east of Sofia, and will supply 350 tonnes per day of gaseous oxygen, in addition to the 800 tonnes per day already supplied.

Aurubis is the largest copper producer in Europe and the world leader in copper recycling. It produces some 1 million tons of copper cathodes each year as well as a variety of copper products. This agreement between Air Liquide and Aurubis is part of “Aurubis Bulgaria 2014”, a new investment program launched by Aurubis.

Nicolas Treand, Executive Director of Aurubis Bulgaria, said: “This is the first important step of our Aurubis Bulgaria 2014 investment programme for environmental protection and increased productivity. I’m very pleased with this agreement.”

Augustin de Roubin, member of Air Liquide Executive Committee, Vice-President South and Eastern Europe, said: “We are delighted to sign with a major player of the copper industry. Air Liquide is also proud to meet the growing needs of its customers and accompany them in their geographical expansion, in this case in South Eastern Europe. Developing Economies are one of the Group’s growth drivers.”

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