Electronics in Taiwan

April 16, 2008

In 2007, Taiwan became the world’s leading manufacturer of flat panel displays, with about 45% of the global production. Strong growth is again expected this year, reinforced by the announcement of some new fab projects from the island’s main players. Air Liquide is taking advantage of this growth with two important successes.

InnoLux Display Corporation has signed an agreement with Air Liquide for the supply of ultra pure gases to its future TFT-LCD fab in Hsin-Chu Southern Science Industrial Park. As part of the agreement, Air Liquide will supply ultra pure carrier gases, including nitrogen produced locally by an on-site High Purity Nitrogen (HPN) generator. Operations are expected to start in 2009.

ChiMei Optoelectronics (CMO) has also awarded Air Liquide a long-term contract to provide ultra pure nitrogen from an on-site generator and carrier gases (oxygen, argon, helium and hydrogen) for its new fab in Luchu, Kaohsiung. Air Liquide will also provide and install Electronics Specialty Gases dispensing equipment.

The two High Purity Nitrogen (HPN) generators will be designed and built at Air Liquide’s Japanese site located in Harima, near Kobe. Total investments amount to €15 million.

Christophe Fontaine, Vice-President Electronics Group, declared: “We are very proud to partner with Innolux and ChiMei, two of the country’s first class high tech players. The flat panel display industry is growing very rapidly and will enable us to accelerate our growth in Taiwan and North East Asia.”

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