Earth Day: Air Liquide, committed to sustainable development

April 24, 2011

Over 40 industrial and medical gas applications preserve life and the environment: these applications represent 42% of the Group’s revenue.

The Air Liquide Group presents here a few key figures in the areas of the environment, human resources and R&D.

Limiting CO2 emissions: energy efficiency and restricted overland transport

The global level of energy efficiency reached in 2010 by the air separation units is the best level ever reached since 1998 (date of the first global assessment). And the energy efficiency of hydrogen units saw continuous improvement between 2009 and 2010. In addition, only 14% of all air gases or hydrogen are delivered by trucks.

Diversity, one of the pillars of the Air Liquide human resources policy

From 2003 to 2010, the percentage of women among Managers and Professionals positions rose from 14% to 24%, an increase of more than 70% of this percentage. For several years now, Air Liquide has been making commitments accompanied by the rollout of a global action plan promoting professional equality.

Sustainable development, at the heart of R&D

Over 60% of the Group’s R&D budget is directly earmarked for protecting life and environmental issues. There are five major research subjects linked to protecting the environment: energy efficiency, CO2 capture and storage, hydrogen, a clean energy carrier, second generation biofuels and the development of gas applications for photovoltaic energy.

The Group explores the best that air can offer to preserve life and the planet, staying true to its sustainable development approach.