Belgium: Air Liquide installs the first public hydrogen charging station

April 29, 2016

Air Liquide has launched on 22 April 2016 the first public hydrogen charging station in Zaventem city, near Brussels. The station, which has been designed, installed and operated by Air Liquide, marks the first use of hydrogen as a clean energy in Belgium.

The hydrogen station, which was built as part of the SWARM project (*), has been partly financed by the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking fund, a public/private partnership aiming to support the development of applications involving hydrogen energy. This project aims to supply a fleet of 90 hydrogen-powered cars in regions of Brussels in Belgium and Wer-Ems in Germany. The new station, located on land provided by Toyota Motor Europe, connects Belgium to Europe's hydrogen network.

Between 30 and 40 recharges of vehicles could be provided on a daily basis, in less than five minutes each, for an average driving range of 500 km. The hydrogen supplied, is produced by electrolysis, a process that does not generate any CO2 emissions and contributes to Air Liquide's Blue Hydrogen programme aiming to decarbonize progressively its hydrogen production for energy applications.

A pioneer in hydrogen energy, Air Liquide is actively participating in the sector's development and so contributing to meeting the energy transition challenge. In Europe, Air Liquide has already launched several hydrogen charging stations for use by the general public, particularly in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Other stations are also being rolled out in the US and Japan.

(*) SWARM : Small 4-Wheel fuel cell passenger vehicle Applications in Regional and Municipal transport