Argentina: Air Liquide expands its relationship with Axion Energy

October 17, 2016

Air Liquide announces a new investment for Axion Energy Argentina, a subsidiary of Bridas Corporation and a leading refiner in Argentina, to expand its long-term supply of hydrogen. Air Liquide will invest around €55 million in a second hydrogen production unit (Steam Methane Reformer - SMR) for Axion in Campana, Buenos Aires, which will raise the hydrogen production capacity of the site to 37,400 Nm³ per hour.

Expected to start operations by the second half of 2018, the new SMR will supply additional hydrogen and steam to Axion Energy. The hydrogen supplied by Air Liquide will be used to meet Axion’s increased needs for its refinery processes, supporting its recent investments to expand its operations in Campana.

Hydrogen used in the petroleum refining process will allow for the reduction of the sulfur content of the produced fuels and meet the environmental standards for cleaner transportation fuels.

Carbon dioxide, a by-product of the production process, will also be marketed for use by numerous local customers, mainly for the food and beverage market.

The new SMR will be designed and supplied by Air Liquide’s Engineering & Construction teams using leading technologies to offer energy efficiency as well as optimal reliability and safety, and will be owned and operated by Air Liquide.

Michael J. Graff, Senior Vice-President for the Americas and member of the Air Liquide group’s Executive Committee, commented: Air Liquide’s long-term presence in Argentina highlights our commitment to helping drive growth in this country and the region. We are pleased to be expanding our relationship with Axion Energy and supporting their business development and value chain with safe and reliable products and service.


Present in the country since 1938, Air Liquide employs 550 people and is the market leader. 6,000 customers are supplied by Air Liquide throughout the country. Its activities include steel, chemical and petrochemical industries in major industrial areas, different industrial processes (metals, glass, food, laboratories, etc.) as well as in health, to preserve lives from hospitals to homes. The business line Large Industries provides a wide geographical coverage and brings its products and services to the industries sites all over the country.