Alain Bernard, new ambassador for Aqua Sphere, subsidiary of Aqua Lung (Air Liquide group)

September 25, 2015

Aqua Sphere, Europe’s top manufacturer of innovative swimming equipment, announces its collaboration with the famous French swimmer Alain Bernard.

The aim of this collaboration is to develop new products, including a range of swimwear for outdoor swimming that is both innovative and comfortable. The new technologies used, combined with the experience of Alain Bernard, will result in a product line adapted to the needs of swimmers at all levels.

Aqua Sphere and Alain Bernard are also launching a series of short video tutorials based on the three fundamentals of swimming: alignment, propulsion and breathing. These tutorials will provide the keys for self-improvement in swimming, with or without accessories, focused on the crawl, the breast stroke and the butterfly. The videos can be viewed on the Aqua Sphere Swim YouTube channel (available in French only).

Aqua Sphere, the premier manufacturer of equipment for both competitive and leisure swimming, water aerobics and the triathlon, is present in more than 90 countries worldwide. Aqua Sphere is part of Aqua Lung, the principal designer and manufacturer of equipment for diving and water sports in the world. Aqua Lung is a subsidiary of the Air Liquide group.