Air Liquide wins the 2016 CAC 40 Annual General Meeting Grand Prize

July 5, 2016

Air Liquide was awarded the CAC 40 2016 Annual General Meeting Grand Prize today, during the Paris EUROPLACE International Financial Forum, by communication agency CAPITALCOM in partnership with fourteen market institutions. This prize rewards companies whose Annual General Meetings meet best-in- class standards based on around 100 criteria. This is the second time in three years that Air Liquide wins the Grand Prize.

The CAC 40 AGM Grand Prize went to Air Liquide on account of the comprehensive information it shared and the forum that the Group provided for its stakeholders to share their views at its AGM. The Jury in particular recognized:

  • Group Chairman and CEO Benoît Potier’s insights into the macroeconomic environment
  • The Group stakeholders’ contributions via video clips
  • The explanations on the Airgas acquisition illustrating the Board of Directors’ work
  • The risk map and update on the Group’s risk management and anticipation mechanisms
  • Benoît Potier’s presentation on materiality matrix
  • HEC Professor and Air Liquide Foundation Board Member Bénédicte Faivre-Tavignot’s comments on Air Liquide’s CSR policy

At Air Liquide, every shareholder matters. Regardless of how many shares he or she owns, each of the 400,000 individual shareholders is welcome to take part in our AGM by voting, making this yearly highlight the CAC 40’s largest AGM. In May 2016, almost 4,000 shareholders gathered in Paris and many more watched the event live on the web and on Twitter.

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