Air Liquide, technological partner of the Challenge Bibendum 2010

May 27, 2010

Once again this year, Air Liquide is a technological partner of the 10th Challenge Bibendum, which will be held in Rio (Brazil) from May 30 through June 2, 2010. The Challenge Bibendum, organized by Michelin since 1998, gathers over four days more than two thousand representatives from business and industry, the scientific community, international and national institutions, NGOs and media to explore the challenges and solutions for sustainable road mobility. This international event is an opportunity to showcase innovation in trucks, buses, cars, clean urban vehicles and, in particular, around 10 vehicles powered by hydrogen.

The Group will set up a bi-pressure hydrogen filling station (350 and 700 bars) so that various types of hydrogen-powered vehicles can fuel up - both for the purpose of carrying out various tests and assessments from the Riocentro test center and for rallies during which vehicles equipped with the latest technologies will get a chance to demonstrate how well they perform on the road under real driving conditions.

Based on patented Air Liquide technologies, these hydrogen filling stations enable vehicles to fill up in less than 5 minutes in the same conditions as vehicles that run on conventional fuel, for a driving range that can reach up 500 kilometers for some vehicles. Over the last four years, Air Liquide has designed, built and commissioned a growing number of hydrogen filling stations. More than 40 Air Liquide stations have been installed throughout the world to date.

Air Liquide will also take part in the roundtables organized by Michelin, and in the Forum that will end the Challenge. This forum brings together political and economic leaders to exchange ideas on the technological and socio-economic aspects of sustainable road mobility. On June 1, as part of this forum, Pierre Dufour, Senior Executive Vice-President of the Air Liquide group will participate in the debate on alternative energies.

Air Liquide is contributing to a very large number of projects and events aimed at advancing research and innovation as well as promoting social acceptance of this new energy carrier.

As the world leader, Air Liquide intends to facilitate access to clean and renewable energy to as wide a public as possible. The Group is developing each of the technologies needed for this sector and is thus contributing to putting in place all the conditions required for the successful deployment of hydrogen energy in the future.