Air Liquide salutes 70 years of the CNRS

October 15, 2009

With over 50 collaborations to date, Air Liquide and the CNRS have cultivated a privileged relationship throughout their 25 years as partners.

For 25 years, the synergy between the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), expert in fundamental research, and the Air Liquide Group, has proven itself in a number of diverse scientific fields. Extensive collaborations between these two players have focused, for instance, on fluid mechanics, heat dynamics, chemical reaction engineering, catalysis and molecular modelling.

The shared CNRS(1) - Air Liquide laboratory, created in 2005, and the joint work of researchers have resulted in more than 30 patents and publications, thus enabling the development of catalytic materials(2) and ceramic systems for producing synthesis gases (hydrogen, CO, etc.).

Due to these cooperative efforts, the Group is in a position to offer its clients new solutions in various areas of the Group’s growth drivers in Energy, Environment, Health and High Tech.

Air Liquide’s 1000 collaborators of 30 different nationalities combine their diverse competencies to create the innovations of tomorrow. With eight main R&D centers in Europe, the United States and Asia, the Group’s Research & Development operates as a network underpinned by 100 industrial partnerships and 120 collaborations with universities and research centers to develop high-level expertise.

Currently, a patent is filed every business day by the Group.

(1) SPCTS of the CNRS: Science Laboratory for Ceramic Processes and Surface Treatments located in Limoges and directed by Thierry Chartier.

(2) Materials used to accelerate a chemical reaction.