Air Liquide partners with two research and training institutes in the Paris-Saclay Innovation Cluster, France

October 29, 2013

Air Liquide is a founding member and partner of two innovative research and training institutes: PS2E (Paris Saclay Efficacité Energétique) and IPVF (Institut Photovoltaïque d’île-de-France).i These two institutes will be based at Paris-Saclay Innovation Cluster, a French project aimed at building a world class scientific, economic and urban center.

PS2E, a research and training institute, will focus its research efforts on improving the energy efficiency of industrial facilities coupled with urban areas. PS2E will be developing an innovative energy model that reduces both energy use and CO2 emissions.

The Air Liquide Group’s Paris-Saclay research center, which is based in Loges-en-Josas, will house PS2E on its own site. And in addition to its financial support, Air Liquide will share the expertise of its teams specializing in the optimization of industrial processes and energy storage, as well as its modeling skills.
Improving the energy efficiency of its production units, as well as those of its customers, is an ongoing source of improvement at Air Liquide which also helps to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations.

IPVF (Institut Photovoltaïque d’île-de-France) will be one of the world’s largest research centers focusing on new generation photovoltaic solar systems. Air Liquide will bring its expertise in special gases and advanced molecules for new generation photovoltaic cells, will participate in the financing of the institute, and will make its R&D photovoltaic cell production line available to IPVF researchers.


i Paris-Saclay Energy Efficiency and the Île-de-France Photovoltaic Institute