Air Liquide participates in the MX3D Bridge, the world’s first additive manufacturing project in Amsterdam

June 12, 2015

Air Liquide is a sponsor of the “MX3D Bridge” project, a world premiere that was unveiled on June 11, 2015. Imagined by Dutch designers from the Joris Laarman Lab, the goal of this project is to construct a stainless steel bridge in the historic center of Amsterdam using an innovative additive manufacturing process* that makes it possible to build large scale works in real time, without human intervention.

For this project, Air Liquide will lend its expertise for the research and development phase and will provide its premium shielding gases, used in arc welding, from its ARCAL™ range for the construction of the bridge, which should be completed by the spring of 2017.

This large scale additive manufacturing demo project, being fabricated in a single part and autonomously, prefigures a profound transformation in the manufacture of the industrial objects in the future. Digital technologies occupy a central place in it. By participating in this demonstration, which is being conducted using the open innovation approach, Air Liquide illustrates its ability to explore new territories and enable new technologies to emerge.

* large scale metal 3D printing by robotic arc welding