Air Liquide launches its new website

June 18, 2015

As part of a revamping of its online presence, Air Liquide is launching its new website.

The preferred point of entry into the Air Liquide universe on the web, the site functions like a hub where users can find all sorts of useful information rapidly. It uses the new opportunities that digital offers to present in an educational and innovative way the full spectrum of the Group’s activities as well as its innovation and value creation.

User centric, simplified and immersive, the site was designed by analyzing the paths of its various audiences in order to serve them more efficiently. Numerous enhancements are proposed in the form of videos and infographics, not to mention testimonials, illustrations and stories to get to know the Group better.

At the heart of the new website, Air Liquide’s innovation approach is highlighted through an entirely new experience that takes users inside specific examples of innovation. The site also innovates in terms of the services for the Group’s shareholders, featuring a space they can customize according to their preferences.

The new is connected to social networks and provides an optimal user experience depending on the device being used, whether PC, tablet or smartphone.

To be discovered as soon as possible!

Discover the launch video