Air Liquide invests in the South of Germany

November 9, 2007

Air Liquide Deutschland GmbH has decided to set up one of the largest units in Germany for the liquefaction of gases (nitrogen, oxygen and argon) in the Ulm region.

With this investment of nearly €60 million, the Air Liquide Group is reinforcing its supply network for industrial gases, which are used in many industrial production processes. This new activity also enables the Group to accompany the growth of its customers in Germany, particularly in the following sectors: automobile construction, mechanical construction, electrical engineering, food processing, as well as in technological development (such as in the domain of renewable energy) in research and in activities which traditionally dominate the economy in Southern Germany.

The start-up of the unit, which will produce approximately 700 tonnes of liquefied gases per day, is scheduled for the end of 2009. About 15 jobs will be created.

This investment is likewise a further illustration of Air Liquide’s commitment to sustainable development. The distances between the production site and customers facilities will be reduced considerably, contributing to a reduction of road traffic and CO2 emissions from transportation.

Klaus Schmieder, Senior Executive Vice-President, Air Liquide Group, stated: Our investment in the South of Germany is an integral part of our expansion strategy in order to meet the increasing needs of our customers and to further develop our range of products and services for the key industries in Germany.

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