Acquisition of the Pure Helium company

July 15, 2008

Global helium consumption is linked to strong growth in industrial demand. In the Middle East and India, this market is growing by more than 10% a year, driven by the growing demand from hospitals and oil activities.

In this context of strong demand, Air Liquide has just acquired Pure Helium, a leading international supplier of liquid and gaseous helium, helium based mixtures, and argon. Helium is used in a large number of applications including MRI, medical and surgical treatments, electronics, off-shore oil activities, deep-sea diving, welding…

Established in Mumbai (India) in 1985, Pure Helium is also present in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. With 40 employees, the company’s turnover was approximately US$20 million in 2007.

Produced in Qatar, one of the five countries in the world which export it, helium is transported from the Jebel Ali logistics platform (Port of Dubai) to 15 countries. The complementary nature of the helium activities of Pure Helium and Air Liquide, in a strongly growing market, gives the Air Liquide Group new opportunities for expansion in the Middle East.

Anand Mehta, the founder and former chairman of Pure Helium, said: “I am particularly pleased with the acquisition of Pure Helium by a leader like Air Liquide, which has proved its reliability, efficiency and ability to consider the needs of its customers throughout the world”.

Pierre Dufour, Senior Executive Vice-President of the Air Liquide Group, responsible for the Middle East zone, stated: “This acquisition efficiently complements Air Liquide’s helium range. It strengthens our position in the Middle East and allows us to better meet the strong demand in this market. It contributes to our strategy of accelerating growth, and opens up promising opportunities for expansion in this region.”

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